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Vietnam Telefilm to take place in September

The event is held by ADPEX JST Company and the Science Enterprises and Market Development Department of the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Vietnam Internet Association, Vietnam Informatics Association and the Vietnam Digital Communications Association.

The event will create a chance for domestic film producers to exchange and get close access to modern film technology, 4.0 television techniques, international visual effects as well as meet with potential partners in trading television film copyright.

Telefilm 2020 will exhibit diversified equipment for producing films, from content, screenplays for feature films, entertainment shows, music and sports to 4K technology programmes, games and post production services.

The world cinema sector has suffered from the effects of COVID-19. In Vietnam, many cinema projects had to be postponed. However, online television services have had chances to develop.
During the social distancing period, people have used internet and TV more than usual. The number of viewers on YouTube increased sharply against 2019.

According to a survey by Q&Me market research service company, the ratio of people watching video at home increased 97 per cent, 60 per cent of which was the ratio for people watching multi-episode series. The rate of people watching individual movies increased 60 per cent, while those tuning into music programmes increased 50 per cent. The number of people watching entertainment, television games and reality shows increased 48 per cent.

Telefilm Vietnam 2020 will also host workshops on the transformation of radio-television field in the digital era, the trend of future television technology and B2B connection activities. VNS